Russia’s Medvedev to sign international adoption accord

It looks like the US and Russia are making progress in coming to an international agreement.  I’d like to know your thoughts!

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I have a lot of questions about this agreement – Like – How retroactive will this law be?   Five, ten, fifteen years – for real????

What do they mean by extreme cases?  Who’s going to judge what’s extreme and what is not?

What if the child doesn’t want repatriation – I thought they kept dual citizenship?  Is it a forced repatriation?  Did they ever raise a teenager before – some teens might disagree with thier parents now and again… if they end up in jail, is the government going after the parents?  What if they no longer know the language or never knew it?  Don’t we have sufficient child protective laws here in the US?

What is the certification process for the adopting family?  AND who is going to fund that process?  How much is it going to cost the adoptive family?

More reporting – Use to be three years, now what. The laws provided that Russia could require reportiing until age 18… so what is it going to be now?   Each home study update costs money $500 to $1000 each year!!!!

What is our Country signing up to?  More of a financial burden on an already expensive process????  Have they asked adoptive families what they think or are they savy politicians in their own minds with a finger in the dike yelling – all safe now!

What are your thoughts?

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