Russia & US Officials Plan to Meet May 12

I am concerned that our positive voice is not being heard loud enough. What deal could possibly improve the already burdened and expensive adoption process without talking to families who have had wonderful experiences?

Let’s reopen the doors to adoptions first, then let’s fix some of the process and hardship requirements already levied on adoptive parents while ensuring the rights and freedoms of all of the children.

The Russian judge who adjudicated our adoption asked us a question in court – “Why don’t you adopt all of the children in the orphanage? Your home is bigger than the orphanage.”

We responded – “We would, but it’s just too expensive to adopt,” and we gave no thought to what it would take to raise them. Somehow, God provides a way.

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  1. charity says:

    Great story…we all need to remember to be praying for the people making the decisions about these adoptions!

  2. Danamomma says:

    I wish somehow we could (and when I say “we” I mean all of us who have had positive experiences) get with some media and share our stories that have been GOOD!! THEY NEED TO hear this! We have adopted three beautiful girls five years ago – who are now teenagers..and they are so wonderful – we need to get our story out there. Anyone have any ideas?

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