Adopt a New Attitude: Plea to Open Russian Adoptions to American Families Again

This message is for President Putin.  THE PEOPLE ARE REAL – No Actors.   Please watch this video:

Please pass this along to all those fighting for the survival of the children who all deserve loving families.
Hello Everyone –

I have spent several months working on the video that I’ll hope you will watch and share with everyone you know. Watch, listen, cry, smile…as former Russian orphans living in the U.S. speak directly to Vladimir Putin about his country’s senseless ban on American adoptions.

Spread the word. Please Facebook, tweet, post, speak about this. Help us raise awareness about the wonders of adoption, so that we may better respond to the desperate needs of innocent children. This focus on Russian orphans is the first of many efforts we will be spearheading to promote both domestic and international adoptions. More than anything abandoned children want to be with caring families who love and care for them. Let’s help them in any way we can.

Let’s Adopt a New Attitude.

Let’s Adopt.



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