Russian parliament bans US adoptions – A crime against humanity!

Unbelievable! Where has our humanity gone?

Is the only leverage Russia has to defend human rights violations – their children? We’re not talking about the ones with families. We’re talking about the children who are institutionalized without a family – two parents to love, nurture and prepare them to lead productive lives.

As our nation reels from the heartache of losing our precious children in a senseless tragedy, yet again another storm rages over innocent children, orphans used as pawns in political agendas. The Russian parliament is not listening to its people – an American adoption is still a wonderful opportunity at life and family – forever families.

Check out this article in the Washington Post – take a close look at the picture and read its translation – “Children get frozen in the Cold War!” This is not how it should be!

I fought in the Cold War – It is over! We adopted three beautiful young ladies from Russia. We communicate with their Russian families via Facebook and Skype. They are our extended family. Our daughters are considering adopting from Russia when they have families of their own.

If I was a member of the Russian parliament, I’d be embarrassed that this proposal is even being considered much less voted on. The dignity of your office and the responsibility you have to humanity has been denigrated by this action and the mere thought of it. The hands that penned the bill are stained with innocent lives and what might have been.

If we, the United States of America, really care about human rights then let us lose our damn pride and TALK about relaxing adoption laws and find ways to make it easier to find homes for all the world’s children.

Russia, I am ashamed that you have initiated this bill against your own people, your precious little ones, and implore you not to be a part of this irreprehensible act against the innocent.

Please Email me at and tell me your story or what you think about Russia’s move to ban US adoptions of Russian children.  If you know what can be done to appeal this move, please advise us.  Help us get this in front of every government official that is involved in this issue.

Every child should have a chance!  Give them a chance for a good life and the greater opportunity for making a difference.

Every child should have the chance to be silly or Not.

Everyone should have a chance to be all that God intended them to be.


Aliana is a leading technician at iQue Repair, repairing iDevices in record time. She’s a straight A student in her senior year of High School, plans on going to college and has a world of opportunity ahead of her. Where would she be today if the ban on adoption was in effect 9 years ago? 





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