Russia Gives Initial OK to Ban on Adoptions by Americans

Why is it always the children that have to pay the price?  Focus on the successful Russian adoption.  Stop using them for political agendas!  This scenario has been repeated over and over again.  When we adopted eight and a half years ago 5,200 children were adopted from Russia and now the numbers are reportedly closer to 1,500 – this is nonsense!

We’re parents of three successful Russian adoptions and we don’t mind telling our story.  Russia and the US has a bad habit of focusing on the negative (accidental & criminal deaths), when 100,000s of children are relegated to their orphanages & die on the streets when released at 18.

The Russian populace who have been involved in Russian adoptions are NOT unhappy with the lives their children have in the US as the press would have you believe.  We remain connected to family members of our three girls insofar as it has been possible through Skype and Facebook.

It is only a matter of expensive travel that prevents us from visiting on holidays like any other family would.  Our children were adopted when they were 10, 9 and 6 and are now 18, 18 and 15 with straight A’s and a wonderful, well-adjusted family life.

Family Picture 2012

So now we’ve got some concocted political issue with Russia and the first piece of legislation they inact affects more than 1,500 American families and thousands of Russian children in less than desirable circumstances.  What do they really think to accomplish with a political move like this?

There should be an outcry from Russian citizens to their leaders to stop the nonsense.  We only know Russian family members that are loving and kind.

Humanity will be held accountable for how we have treated our precious children.  Adoption should be easier to do so thousands more may have the opportunity to enjoy a happy, healthy family life.  Give them a chance.

I will pray that the hearts of the Russian government officials, the Press and the People of Russia will be softened to vote for continued adoptions.  And we will pray for the thousands of American families who have traveled to Russia or are in the process of making the lives of their adoptive children and making family life a reality.

“Don’t Forget the Children” should probably say, “Don’t Forsake the Children.”


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